A round-up of MUI staff activities w/c 1 May 2017

5 May 2017

Just a selection of the talks, workshops, conference presentations etc MUI colleagues have been busy with this week!

Tuesday 2 May

It was standing-room only at the ‘Urban Activism’ panel! James Evans chaired a series of discussions, starting with three short but thought-provoking introductory talks from Profs Roger Keil (York University, Toronto), Ute Lehrer (York University, Toronto) and Stephanie Pincetl (UCLA). Ute Lehrer began with a look back at her beginnings as an activist, campaigning on funding and spatial disparities between the richest and poorest in Zurich in the early 1980s. Roger Keil talked about protests and violence including the LA riots, suggesting “often the state is a violent institution”. Stephanie Pincetl concluded the talks by looking at small yet significant changes in political attitudes such as those on sustainability and posed the question “has Urban Activism worked?”.

Wednesday 3 May

Organised by MUI's Spatial Policy Analysis Laboratory and the Chinese Univerity of Hong Kong's (CUHK) Institute of Future Cities: a day-long workshop titled 'Planning for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Change: Current Policy and Practice Workshop'. After spending the early part of the week touring the local area and seeing examples of Urban development around Manchester and Salford, the main event took place on Weds and saw a series of talks from MUI and CUHK researchers. As well as being a full day of interesting discussion points, this event has helped to further cement the relationship between the two institutes and bring in new researchers from both institutes into their collaborative activities.

Thursday 4 May

There was another strong turnout for the ‘Environmental Futures’ panel on Thursday 4 May with Stefan Bouzarovski chairing. Prof Stephanie Pincetl opened the talks by reminding the audience that everything around them in the room was made in one way or another using the earth’s natural resources. Prof Roger Keil began his talk on Sub/Urban Environmental Futures by echoing Stephanie Pincetl’s assertion that Anthropocene = Capitalocene. Finally, Prof Timothy Moss (Humboldt University, Berlin) offered some examples from history with his talk on Socio-technical imaginaries of 20th Berlin, which included an idealistic and thoroughly impractical plan from Adolf Hitler. 

Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May

Deljana Iossifova is chairing a session on “Chinese Urban Systems and Development” and presenting a paper on “Urban transformations in China: linking soft and hard urban systems”  at the 2017 International Conference on China Urban Development at UCL.

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