A round-up of MUI staff activities 15 to 26 May

26 May 2017

Just a selection of the talks, workshops, conference presentations etc MUI colleagues have been busy with in the last two weeks.

Here are just a few of our colleagues' movements this week:

Thursday 18

Cristina Temenos presented at the Urban Studies Foundation symposium at LSE

The London School of Economics hosted the Urban Studies Foundation symposium, where Cristina and other former Urban Studies Foundation postdoctoral fellows, presented their research. Cristina's work 'Mobilizing Austerity: The Urban Politics of Public Health After the Global Financial Crisis' explores the ways that economic austerity policies have affected public health service provision in Athens, Budapest, and Manchester. 

Monday 22 and Tuesday 23

James Evans was a member of the expert panel for Belmont Forum / JPI Urban Europe Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative 

Thursday 25

On Thursday 25 May, the University held the Cockroft Rutherford Lecture, the annual flagship alumni event. This year, Sir Peter Fahy's lecture 'Seen but not heard - born but not nurtured' set the theme of the event. MUI were represented in the adjacent exhibition area with information for attendees about the Institute's work, particularly the Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit whose research is closely linked to the theme of this year's lecture. 

Friday 26

Deljana Iossifova gave an invited lecture, entitled “Lives in the Borderland: coexistence, identity and contestation in urban China”, as part of the Urban Studies seminar series on Urban Borderlands at Malmö University, Sweden.

Deljana's research is focused on urban transformations with a special focus on East Asia. Currently, she is working on ‘Defining the Urban’, a book project which seeks to define the term ‘urban’ in different academic disciplines and professional fields. Other projects include the ‘ESRC Strategic Network on Data and Cities as Complex Adaptative Systems’ with partners in the UK, China, Brazil and Japan; the visual ethnography of ‘Sanitation and Differentiation in Urban China’. Some of her most recent works include articles like Ferocious Architecture: Sovereign Space/Places by Design or Borderland Urbanism: seeing between enclaves.

For more details about Urban Borderlands seminar, please see the Urban Seminar Series webpage

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