Well cities: implementing a wellbeing valuation toolkit for urban learning

26 May 2017

Wellbeing is increasingly being recognised as an important benefit for end users but there is still a great deal to learn about the impact of urban design on wellbeing, how to capture its subjective nature, and how to design for the achievement of wellbeing outcomes.

This 12-month project, funded by the ESRC Impact Accelerator Account and led by Prof James Evans and Dr Kelly Watson, aims to:

  • refine a wellbeing valuation toolkit for urban environment s in order to capture and evidence the financial case for good design.
  • implement the wellbeing valuation toolkit across a range of building types, including commercial offices, health centres, university buildings and retail spaces, and urban spaces, including green infrastructure and the public realm.
  • produce an evidence base to demonstrate the commercial potential of wellbeing valuation to strategic urban decision-makers.

Full details are available at the Well Cities project page on the MUI website.

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