More awards successes for MUI!

29 June 2017

CURE and Saskia Warren successes to celebrate!

This week, we have news that Stefan Bouzarovski, in conjunction with colleague Harriet Thomson has been successful in securing funding for a 4-year COST Action titled 'European Energy Poverty – Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation’, with a value of approximately €0.5m, all of which will be disbursed to Manchester. This project will complement and build on the work of the recently-funded European Energy Observatory to a total of approximately €1.3 million.

Together with Harriet Thomson's recent ESRC impact prize on EU energy poverty this is establishing the Collaboratory for Urban Resilience and Energy (CURE) as the hub of European energy poverty research. The COST Action will open the path for CURE to become a key global player in this field as well; hopefully creating opportunities, inter alia, for related funding in the years to come. 

Stefan showed his appreciation for the role played in this success by department, School and MUI: "The development of the project was aided by its embeddedness within the Collaboratory for Urban Resilience and Energy, and the Manchester Urban Institute. I do hope that the two projects will help us build stronger links with both the energy and inequalities beacons, while arguing in favour of the University’s continued engagement with EU policy and research funding."

Congratulations also to Saskia Warren, who this week won an award for her paper titled “Placing faith in creative labour: work-based activism of Muslim women in the UK cultural and creative economy” presented at the Nordic Geographer's Meeting in Stockholm. More details here: 



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