Professor Albena Yaneva delivered an invited lecture at the Princeton School of Architecture, USA

6 October 2017

Professor Albena Yaneva's lecture was part of the international conference REVOLUTIONIZING REVOLUTION: A Tender Guerrilla On Cis-Architecture.

The conference has the provocative title Revolutionizing Revolution and argued that Revolution has to be revolutionize! Revolutionizing Revolution  asks: In what ways are revolutions revolutionary and what are their expectations? How is revolution embodied, enacted and performed? When and where do revolutions happen? What are their architectures? What are the figures of authority and how are facts being defined, de-marginalized and confronted?

An interdisciplinary  team of scholars was invited to tackle these questions looking beyond canonical examples and the myths that describe revolutionary moments, and to explore revolutionary events that fall outside of the traditional framework. The group argued that revolution cannot be defined monolithically, and that an aprioristic cis-architecture—one that maintains its agenda separated from its performativity—can not happen anymore. 

Albena presented recent work on Politics and Architecture focusing on the architecture of the National Graphene Institute in Manchester - a revolutionary building housing a revolutionary discovery in nanoscience.

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