New book: Defining the Urban - interdisciplinary and professional perspectives

11 October 2017

Edited by MARG's Deljana Iossifova with Christopher N.H. Doll and Alexandros Gasparatos

Book cover - Defining the Urban: interdisciplinary and professional perspectives

Bringing together leading academics and professionals from a diverse range of fields, this edited volume provides a comprehensive overview of and insights into what the term 'urban' means. It identifies and critically examines the most important theoretical perspectives and practical dimensions for the study of cities. In particular, it focuses on how the overlaps and creative merges between these different academic disciplines and professional fields can give rise to a multitude of diverse interdisciplinary approaches that can be used to explain or guide ‘urban’ processes. The volume not only crosses academic boundaries but also bridges the divide between urban theory and practice. 

University of California's Mike Davis says: "This book should be a compulsory addition to the book shelf of anyone interested in the contemporary urban condition. It asks some of the most fundamental questions of our time: What is urban? If it exists, how is it best researched, planned, built, and governed? The volume covers an impressive breadth of theoretical perspectives and offers practical tools to anyone looking to innovate their conceptual and methodological tool kit. It is an invaluable resource for seasoned researchers and novice students of the urban alike." 

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