Cristina Temenos awarded visiting fellowship at Cemore

28 November 2017

The Centre for Mobilities Research (Cemore), based at the University of Lancaster, has awarded a fellowship for 2017-18 to Cristina Temenos.

The Centre for Mobilities Research (Cemore) is a hub for interdisciplinary mobilities research and an international network of mobilities researchers.

Studying social change and innovation, Cemore's work examines ‘the good life’, promoting equality, solidarity, justice, social mobility, sustainability, responsible and ethically circumspect research, and innovation. Cemore hosts intellectual debates and provides intellectual leadership and a hub for exchange for a growing transdisciplinary community of researchers, artists, designers and research ‘users’. Cemore also runs the journal, Mobilities, and two book series – Changing Mobilities (Routledge) and Studies in Mobilities, Literature and Culture, which provide the main fora for mobilities research on a global level.

Following the announcement of the three fellows for 2017-18 (the other two being Kai Syng Tan, King's College London, and Katarina Damjanov, University of Western Australia), Cristina tweeted "Honoured to be awarded a @cemore4mobs visiting fellowship, and looking forward to spending some time talking urban policy mobilities in Lancaster in 2018!"

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