Albena Yaneva delivers keynote lecture at Yale School of Architecture

29 November 2017

Albena Yaneva was invited to speak at the 'Environment, Reconsidered' conference at Yale School of Architecture.

This event was organised to celebrate the the 50th anniversary of the Master of Environmental Design (M.E.D) at the Yale School of Architecture and took place on 9-11 November 2017.

When founded in 1967, the M.E.D. offered a radically new way to understand and study the built environment in an architecture school setting by proposing a new object of study: an “environment” comprised of not only of masterpiece architecture, but of structures of all kinds, as well as infrastructure, technological systems, natural elements, symbolic systems, and the forces that shape this new totality.

Albena’s lecture was titled "How is Architecture Political?" and presented work related to her most recent book Five Ways to Make Architecture Political: An Introduction to the Politics of Design Practice.

The second keynote lecturer was Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

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