Academic papers and external engagement, November and December 2017

12 January 2018

Here is a selection of papers, talks and external engagement from the last two months.


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Talks and engagement

Stefan Bouzarovski

  • Spoke at a roundtable on energy poverty, organised by the International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users in Brussels on 22 November
  • Delivered a keynote talk at the Université Europe seminar organised by the French Federation of Social Housing Enterprises in Strasbourg on the 24 November.

Jamie Doucette

  • Keynote Speech: Democratization after Postdemocratization? Korean politics after the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. East Asian Regional Conference on Alternative Geographies: Geopolitical Economy of East Asian Developmentalism Workshop 2017, Nov 29-Dec 1, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Graham Haughton

  • Visiting Professor in the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney. Graham was working with Prof Phil McManus on a project, Becoming WestConnex, about the mutating form and logics surrounding a controversial new inner urban motorway being constructed in Sydney. Graham interviewed 25 people and attended various public meetings and rallies. 

Deljana Iossifova

  • invited talk on “Urban Inequality, Sanitation and the Potential of ICT” at the Urban Transformations workshop on Research and Metropolitan Health in Unequal Cities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (22-24 November 2017)
  • Exhibition “[61] Harmonica Alley” about Iossifova’s ESRC IAA-funded project “Harmonica Alley, Yokohama: Tracing Urban Change between the Tokyo Olympics” opened with an event on 25 November 2017. The exhibition runs until 17 December at Site-A Gallery in Yokohama, Japan
  • Masterclass with students of Global Interdisciplinary Studies at Hosei University, Japan (28 November 2017)

Richard Kingston

  • Richard Kingston spent 4 days in Mexico City (21st – 24th Nov) at the behest of the ESRC and CONACYT, the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology, to discuss and formulate a new research programme on Smart Cities. The trip also included a visit to the British Embassy, relocated after the recent Earthquake, to discuss the future of cities.

Joe Ravetz

  • Qatar International Energy & Carbon Transitions Conference: presentation on ‘Low carbon pathways and the deeper ecological mind’ Doha, Nov 2017.
  • Qatar Green Building Council, seminar on Low Carbon Transitions, Nov 2017
  • The University of Paris-Saclay, Examiner for PhD by B.Tran,‘Folksonomies as representations of sustainable development’.
  • University of Naples Federico II Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development, expert advisor on workshop 

Erik Swyngedouw

  • Interlocutor session with Erik Swyngedouw, “Il(liberal) Urbanism”? organized by Julian Brash. 116th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Society, Chicago, 29 November – 3 December.
  • Invited Keynote, “Struggling for Water Commons: A Political Ecology Approach”, International Seminar, Economic Diversity and Socio-Environmental Commons: Emerging Futures, Universidad de Concepción, 20 November 2017
  • Invited Keynote, “Insurgent Citizens and the Spectral Return of the Political in the Post-Democratic City”, Seminario “Resistencia Territorial”, Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Santiago de Chile, 19 November.
  • Invited Keynote address, “Interrupting the Anthropo-Ob(s)cene: The De-politicized Politics of the Anthropocene as Immuno-Biopolitical Fantasy”, 4th Knowledge/Cultures International Conference on ‘Knowledge/Cultures/Ecologies, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile, 15-18 November. 

Albena Yaneva

  • Keynote lecture at Yale School of Architecture, USA, conference “Environment, Reconsidered”, The 50th Anniversary of the Master of Environmental Design Program at the Yale School of Architecture, 9-11 November 2017, keynote lecture, “How is Architecture Political?”
  • Delivered the Lise Meitner lecture at Lund School of Architecture, Sweden, Lise Meitner symposium, 7 December 2017
  • Keynote lecture at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Milan International Architectural Workshop, January 2018
  • Served as a Judge for the 2017 RIBA President's Medals in the Silver Medal category, 20 October 2017, RIBA London


  • Stefan Bouzarovski has been elected Chair of a new European Co-operation in Science and Technology Action network project titled 'European Energy Poverty: Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation’. The total anticipated value of the grant, all of which will be disbursed to the University of Manchester, is €816,000 over four years. 
  • Ian Mell: Valuing Nature Placement grant (worth around £11,000) to work with the Greater London Authority to establish why and how the business community in London provide funding (capital and revenue) for the provision of green infrastructure and promotion of health and well-being. The grant runs from Nov 2017-April 2018.
  • Jamie Doucette: Co-Investigator on a new, 4-year Social Sciences Korea Grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea. The project is called: Postdevelopmental Urbanism in East Asia and is led by Prof. Bae-gyoon Park. It is for $1,600,000 and runs from Autumn 2017. As part of the grant, a Center for Asian Cities at Seoul National University will be formed. There are four main research themes: Inclusive Cities; Cities of Peace in East Asia; Deindustrializing Cities; and Smart and Sustainable Urban Transitions
  • Leandro Minuchin: British Council (Argentina) Higher Education Links award grant (£3,450) to work on a project titled 'Co-producing the city: methodologies for the construction of inclusive social infrastructures in Rosario'. 

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