The China-UK Joint Seminar on Eco-Urbanisation and Spatial Planning

15 March 2018

This seminar took place on 7 March 2018, co-hosted by the School of Landscape Architecture at Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Laboratory of Urban-Rural Ecological Environment and collaborators from Manchester Urban Institute's Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory (SPA-Lab).

As part of long term collaborative work on Eco-urbanisation, this joint seminar's objectives were:

  • To investigate how spatial planning can contribute to ecological urbanisation in developing countries under rapid urbanisation contexts
  • To improve the participation of practical planners in research and the participation of researchers in planning practice
  • To develop the connection between researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers for further long-term communication and collaboration on related research and planning practice
  • To share the planning experiences and research resources in both countries

The key issue being discussed was: 'Under the context of urban China, what should the eco-urbanisation be like? How do we apply spatial planning to regulate and guide eco-urbanisation?'

MUI colleagues running and taking part in the semiar were Cecilia Wong, Helen Zheng and Lei Wang.

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