Greater Manchester - the UK’s first age-friendly city region

16 March 2018

Greater Manchester is the UK’s first age-friendly city region, as recognised by the World Health Organization. This means we are a place committed to enabling older people to actively participate in their community, to stay connected, to stay healthy and active, to provide appropriate support to those who need it, and to treat everyone with respect regardless of age.

On Friday 16 March, the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub launched an ambitious strategy to deliver on Mayor Andy Burnham’s manifesto commitment to make Greater Manchester a better place to grow older. This covers neighbourhoods and communities, housing, older workers, health and social care, transport, culture, physical activity and a positive change in the way older people are viewed.

Sport England is investing £1M to get over 55s more active in their communities, socially and physically – especially those who have been previously inactive. Greater Manchester is holding a Festival of Ageing from 2-15 July 2018, celebrating older people and portraying a positive view of ageing.

Together we will:

  • establish age-friendly communities across Greater Manchester, promoting volunteering and bringing generations together;
  • become a world leader in research and innovation for an ageing society;
  • support more people to be physically active as they age;
  • campaign for positive change in the way older people are viewed.

More information:

Greater Manchester Ageing Hub website

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