Joanne Tippett talks to the BBC about the Carbon Landscape Project

18 July 2018

The first major restoration project of the Carbon Landscape has been officially opened near Warrington and Dr Joanne Tippett has been talking to the BBC about it.



The new boardwalk at Risley Moss will allow the public to get up close to nature, and to see how a peat bog is coming back to life with the restoration efforts made possible by Heritage Lottery funding and hundreds of volunteers. 

This is the first of eight major restoration projects in the Carbon Landscape, which over five years will restore more than 130 hectares to nature. The project, which will offer access to amazing natural sites and rare habitats on the doorsteps of our towns and cities, has been designed with the help of Dr Joanne Tippett.

Wildlife is being squeezed out and isolated, and there is a real risk of losing species locally if safe and effective corridor are not created for them to travel through. By creating a network of safe spaces, and inspiring local people to experience these areas in new ways, the Carbon Landscape will create a better future for wildlife as well as benefit the local communities living alongside them.

“This is the landscape that fuelled the Industrial Revolution," said Dr Tippett. "It is appropriate that through telling the story of this landscape and uncovering its hidden beauty, we are starting to think differently about the future."

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