Round up of papers, awards and external engagement, Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

29 January 2019

Here is a selection of papers, talks and external engagement from the weeks before and since the festive break.


  • Ian Mell has been awarded funding from the University of Manchester and University of Toronto research fund on 'Co-producing sustainable cities through Green Infrastructure best practice’, working with Tenley Conway in Toronto
  • Erik Swyngedouw has been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Roskilde University in Denmark and from the University of Malmö in Sweden
  • Kevin Ward:
    • Awarded funding from the University of Manchester and University of Toronto research fund on 'Governing urban infrastructures' with Teresa Enright in Toronto
    • Appointed as an International Advisory board member of Brussels Centre for Urban Studies
    • Appointed to the expert panel at the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)


  • Jamie Doucette and Bae-Gyoon Park 2019 Developmentalist Cities? Interrogating Urban Developmentalism in East Asia. Leiden: Brill
  • Krassi Paskaleva:
    • The EU Smart City Triangulum project on smartners, sustainability and cities is available already online at: Martin, Ch., Evans, J. Karvonen, A., Paskaleva, K. (Corresponding author), Yang, J., and Linjordet, T. (2018).
    • Smart-sustainability: A new urban fix? Sustainable Cities and Society  (inprint).
    • Paskaleva, K. and Cooper, I. (2018). Open innovation evaluation for Internet-enabled services in smart cities, Technovation. Available online July 28.
    • Paskaleva K., Cooper I., Concilo G. (2018).Co-producing Smart City Services: Does One Size Fit All?. In: Rodríguez Bolívar M. (Ed.) Smart Technologies for Smart Governments: Transparency, Efficiency and Organizational Issues, Public Administration and Information Technology, vol 24. Springer, Cham pp. 115-145.
  • Albena Yaneva's work on Graphene Architecture was featured in Nature in December. The Manchester School of Architecture piece on this can be found here
  • All recent papers from MUI researchers can be found via the University's research portal
  • MUI will be celebrating all of 'our' urban book releases from the last 12 months on 7 February. Contact Matthew Harrison for a list of titles.

Recent and upcoming talks, visits and engagement

  • Jeremy Carter:
    • Visualising climate risk in Europe with the 'European Climate Risk Typology' at COP24, Katowice, December
  • Jamie Doucette:
    • Jamie Doucette and Bae-Gyoon Park. Soft book launch for Developmentalist Cities? @ East Asian Regional Conference on Alternative Geography. Taegu, Korea Dec 10-13.
    • Closing Plenary Discussion: Spatial Justice in East Asia @ East Asian Regional Conference on Alternative Geography. Taegu, Korea Dec 10-13 2018.
  • Albena Yaneva:
    • Keynote Lecture at the Nordic Research Network for Architectural Anthropology (together with Professor Tim Ingold), Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University, November 2018. 
    • Invited Lecture, University of Edinburgh, 21 November 
    • Invited lecture, University of Barcelona, 18 December
    • President of the Theory of Architecture Jury, University of Barcelona
  • Razieh Zandieh:
    • Presented on 'Healthy Urban Planning' and on 'The Influence of Macro Built Environment Attributes on Older Adults' Outdoor Walking Levels' at an Elsevier Conference: Urban Transition 2018, 25-27 November 2018

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