Workshop | Urban platforms and the future city

15 February 2019

Urban platforms and the future city: Transformations in infrastructure, governance, knowledge, and everyday life

Digital platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are transforming how we shop, connect, and organise information. But we are also witnessing a profusion of platforms that directly reshape broad dimensions of urban life, from built environments and infrastructure systems to environmental monitoring and civic engagement.

This workshop, organised and hosted by MUI and the Sustainable Consumption Institute, brings together leading scholars from across the globe for a focused set of paper sessions organised around four core themes: infrastructure, governance, knowledge, and everyday life. At the centre of our attention is the role of urban platforms in the production of new ways of understanding and shaping urban futures, and how more democratic configurations of platform urbanism might be possible.

This two-day event takes place from 28 February - 1 March in the Council Chambers, Whitworth Building, University of Manchester.

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