About us

CURE focuses on understanding and addressing energy and environment systems in urban settings.

We are a world-leading research hub on socio-ecological resilience and sustainability as they relate to the urban environment. Climate change, environmental degradation and access to clean and affordable energy services are major global challenges that cannot be addressed only through new technologies, but also require an understanding of culture, politics and socio-spatial relations.

Landscape shot of mountains and woods

A key feature of our research is that it is undertaken through a 'critical' perspective, meaning that we seek to identify and challenge the ways that dominant practices and power structures impair human and environmental sustainability and well-being, and work to find alternatives to these. 

In this way, we aim to produce very practical and applied research that is of relevance to policy-makers, business, and civil society. 

We adopt a collaborative approach to knowledge generation and communication, co-producing knowledge through exchange, experimentation, and debate with a range of academic and non-academic stakeholders.  

We draw on a wide range of disciplinary expertise – such as human geography, environmental science, spatial planning, and socio-technical and systems studies – and utilise a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. 

CURE plays an active part in the Manchester research landscape thanks to a consistent array of externally funded projects. 

They include the European Research Council-supported EVALUATE project, the Horizon 2020-funded Triangulum, RESIN and COMBI projects, and the European Energy Poverty Observatory.