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Recent publications

  • Stein, A. (2015) ‘Els perills de la descentralizacio en un estat absent i negligent: el cas d’America Central’ [‘The risks of decentralization in an absent and negligent state’] Àmbits de Política i Societat, Journal of the School of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalunya, June.
  • Special issue of Environment and Urbanization on sanitation with Diana co-authoring the editorial and the following paper: Banana, Evans, Patrick Chikoti, Chisomo Harawa, Gordon McGrahanan, Diana Mitlin, Stella Stephen, Noah Schermbrucker, Farirai Shumba and Anna Walnycki (2015) Sharing reflections on inclusion sanitation, Environment and Urbanization 27(1): 19-34 
  • Lombard, M. (2015). Lugarización y la construcción de asentamientos informales en Mexico. Revista INVI, 29(83).
  • Lombard, M. (2015). Constructing informality and ordinary places: A place-making approach to urban informal settlements. In C. Lemanski & C. Marx (Eds.) The City in Urban Poverty. London: Palgrave.
  • Lombard, M. (forthcoming 2015) ‘Haciendo un lugar en la ciudad: la lugarización de asentamientos informales en México’, Revista INVI.
  • Lombard, M. (2014) Constructing ordinary places: Place-making in urban informal settlements in Mexico’. Progress in Planning 94, 1-53.
  • Moser, C. and Stein, A. (2014) New formal housing policies: building just cities? GURC Briefing Paper 5, Global Urban Research Centre, Manchester.
  • Moser, C. (2014) Gender, Asset Building and Just Cities. GURC Briefing Paper 6, Global Urban Research Centre, Manchester.
  • Patel, S and Mitlin, D. (2014) The urban poor and strategies for a pro-poor politics: reflections on Shack/Slum Dwellers International. In Parnell, S. and Oldfield, S. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South, Routledge: Abingdon and New York. Pages 296-308.
  • Mitlin, D. and Dodman, D. (forthcoming), "The National and Local Politics of Climate Change Adaptation in Zimbabwe", Climate and Development.
  • Inzulza Contardo, J. (2014) 'Gentrification in the context of post-earthquake reconstruction urban policies: a review of the Chilean experience', GURC working paper no.9, Global Urban Research Centre, Manchester
  • Oyan Solana Oses. Briefing Paper (No. 4): Affordable Housing and Urban Sprawl in Mexico: The Need for a Paradigm Shift
  • Mitlin, D. and Mogaladi. J. (2013). 'Social movements and the struggle for shelter: a case study of eThekwini' (Durban), Progress in Planning 84 (August): 1-39.
  • Satterthwaite, D. and Mitlin, D. (2013). 'Reducing Urban Poverty in the Global South', London: Routledge.
  • Lombard, M. (2013). 'Struggling, suffering, hoping, waiting: perceptions of temporality in two informal neighbourhoods in Mexico' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 31(5) 813 – 829.
  • Moser, C., and Horn, P. (2013) 'Does Economic Crisis Always Harm International Migrants? Longitudinal Evidence from Ecuadorians in Barcelona'. International Migration, doi: 10.1111/imig.12047.

Urban poverty and inequality

Poverty and inequality – analysis and poverty reduction

  • Satterthwaite D., and Mitlin, D. (2014) Reducing Urban Poverty in the Global South. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Mitlin, D. and Satterthwaite, D. (2013) Urban Poverty in the Global South: scale and nature, Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Stein, A. and Horn, P. (2012) ‘Asset accumulation: an alternative approach to achieving the Millennium Development Goals’, Development Policy Review, 30(6) 663-680.
  • Boonyabancha, S. and Mitlin, D. (2012) Urban poverty reduction: learning by doing in Asia,Environment and Urbanization 24 (2).
  • Bartlett, S., Mitlin, D. and D. Satterthwaite, (2012) Urban Inequalities.   Addressing Inequalities: The Heart of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Future We Want for All Global Thematic Consultation.  New York: UNICEF.
  • Moser, C. and Stein, A. (2011) The importance of assets in current development debates: Millennium Development Goals, Social Protection and Climate Change. GURC Working Paper 7. Global Urban Research Centre, University of Manchester, Manchester.
  • Moser, C. (2010)‘Moving beyond gender and poverty to asset accumulation: evidence from low-income households in Guayaquil, Ecuador’ in S. Chant (ed) The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Moser, C. and A. Felton (2010) The gendered nature of asset accumulation in urban contexts: Longitudinal evidence from Guayaquil, Ecuador in Kanbur, R. , Beall, J. et al Beyond the Tipping Point: Development in an Urban World, Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Hickey, S and Mitlin, D. (2009) Exploring the Pitfalls and Potentials of the Rights Based Approach to Development, Sterling, VA: Kumarian Press.
  • Moser, C. (2009) Ordinary Families: Extraordinary Lives: Assets and poverty reduction in Guayaquil, 1978-2004, Washington DC: Brookings Press; Spanish Edition, (2010): SUR, Santiago.
  • Moser, C. and Felton, A. (2009) ‘The construction of an asset index: Measuring asset accumulation in Ecuador’, in A. Addison, D. Hulme and R. Kanbur (eds.), Poverty Dynamics: A Cross –Disciplinary Perspective, Oxford University Press.

Poverty and inequality – civil society and social action

  • Lombard, M. (2013) ‘Citizen participation in urban governance in the context of democratization: Evidence from low-income neighbourhoods in Mexico’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 37 (1), 135-150.
  • Mitlin, D. (2013) A class act: professional support to people’s organizations in towns and cities of the global South. Environment and Urbanization 35(2): 483-500
  • Mitlin, D. and Mogaladi, J. (2013) Social movements and the struggle for shelter: a case study of eThekwini (Durban), Progress in Planning 84 (August): 1-39 
  • Mitlin, D. (2013) Endowments, entitlements and capabilities – what urban social movements offer to poverty reduction. European Journal of Development Research 25; 44-59
  • Green, M., Kothari, U., Mercer, C., and Mitlin, D., 2012, "Saving, spending, and future-making: time, discipline, and money in development" Environment and Planning A 44(7) 1641 – 1656.
  • Mitlin, D., Satterthwaite, D. and Bartlett, S. (2011) Capital, capacities and collaboration: the multiple roles of community savings in addressing urban poverty.  IIED Poverty Reduction in Urban Areas, Working Paper 34, London:International Institute for Environment and Development.
  • Fergutz, O., with Dias, S., and D. Mitlin (2011) Developing urban waste management in Brazil with waste picker organizations, Environment and Urbanization 23(2): 597-607.
  • Mitlin, D. (2011) Cities for Citizens in the Global South: Approaches of Non-Governmental Organizations Working in Urban Development. In Reinalda, B. (ed.) The Ashgate Research Companion to Non-State Actors, Ashgate.  (pp. 419-433)
  • Bebbington, A., Mitlin, D., Mogaladi, J., Scurrah, M. and Bielich, C. (2010) Decentring Poverty, Reworking Government: Social Movements and States in the Government of Poverty, Journal of Development Studies 46(7): 1304-1326.
  • Mitlin, D. and Patel, S. (2010) Gender Issues and Slum/Shack Dweller Federations. In Chant, S. (ed.) The International Handbook on Gender and Poverty, Cheltenham: Edward Edgar Publishing. (pp. 379-384)
  • Moser, C. and Felton, A. (2010) 'The gendered nature of asset accumulation in urban contexts: Longitudinal evidence from Guayaquil, Ecuador'. In Kanbur, R., Beall, J. et al Beyond the Tipping Point: Development in an Urban World, Oxford, OUP.
  • Bebbington, A.J., Hickey, S. and Mitlin, D. (2008) Can NGOs make a Difference? The Challenge of Development Alternatives, London and New York: Zed Books. 
  • Mitlin, D. (2008) With and beyond the state: coproduction as a route to political influence, power and transformation for grassroots organizations. Environment and Urbanization 20(2): 339-360.

Urban conflict

Power, conflict and violence

  • Lombard, M. (2016) Land tenure and conflict in urban Mexico. GURC Working Paper 11, University of Manchester.
  • Lombard, M. (2012) Land tenure and urban conflict: A review of the literature. GURC Working Paper 8, University of Manchester.
  • Moser, C. (2012) ‘Mainstreaming women’s safety in cities into gender-based policy and programmes’ Gender and Development,20 (3)435-452.
  • Moser, C. and Horn, P. (2011) ‘Understanding the tipping points of urban violence: Conceptual framework’, Urban Tipping Point Working Paper 1, Manchester, University of Manchester
  • Stein, A. (2012) ‘From civil wars to drug wars: the limits of decentralization policies in Central America’, European Journal of Development Research, 24(3), 319-336.
  • Stein, A. (2012) ‘En diálogo con las Armas Ideológicas de la Muerte de Franz Hinkelammert’ [In Dialogue with The Ideological Weapons of Death from Franz Hinkelammert], Revista Nueva Sociedad, No. 238, 114-125. 
  • Serrano, A. and Stein, A. (2012) ‘Para una política incluyente’ [For an inclusive politics] inCuadernos del Desarrollo Humano No. 1, Doctorado en Gestión del Desarrollo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras.

Shelter and informality

Shelter finance

  • Mitlin, D. (2013), The need for shelter finance improvements. In Sclar, E.D., Volavka-Close, N. and Brown, P (eds.) The Urban Transformation: health, shelter and climate change,Routledge: Abingdon and New York. (pp.103-126)
  • Mitlin, D. (2013), Innovations in shelter finance. In Sclar, E.D., Volavka-Close, N. and Brown, P (eds.) The Urban Transformation: health, shelter and climate change, Routledge: Abingdon and New York. (pp.126-147)
  • Stein, A. and Castillo, L. (2012) 'Innovative Finance for Low-Income Housing Improvements: Lessons from Programmes in Central America' in Nizami, S. (ed) Rehabilitation of Slums in Urban Areas: Challenges and Experiences, The Icfai University Press, Hyderabad.
  • Mitlin, D. (2011) Shelter finance in the age of neo-liberalism, Urban Studies 48(6): 1217-1234.
  • Manda, Mtafu A.Z., Nkhoma, S. and Mitlin, D. (2011)  Understanding pro-poor housing finance in Malawi. IIED Poverty Reduction in Urban Areas, Working Paper 32, London:International Institute for Environment and Development.
  • Stein, A. (2010) Urban Poverty, Social Exclusion and Housing Finance: the Case of PRODEL in Nicaragua, Thesis 7, Housing Development & Management, Lund University, Lund, May, ISBN 91-87866-36-6.
  • Stein, A. (2008) ‘Planning with the urban poor: a way to create inclusive financial systems in Nicaragua’. In Garau, P (ed) Barefoot and Prada, Officina Edizioni and Università La Sapienza, Rome.
  • Stein, A. and Vance, I. (2008) ‘The role of housing finance in addressing the needs of the urban poor’. Environment and Urbanization, 20(1) 13-30.

Shelter related (land, housing, basic services)

  • Chitekwe-Biti, B., Patel, S. and Mitlin, D. (2014), The transnational experience of community-led development: the affordable shelter challenge. In Bredenoord, J., van Lindert, P., and Smets, P. (eds.) Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South. Seeking Sustainable Solutions,Earthscan/Routledge: Abingdon and New York. (forthcoming)
  • Lombard, M. (2012) Land tenure and urban conflict: A review of the literature. GURC Working Paper 8, University of Manchester.
  • Mitlin, D. and Satterthwaite, D. (2012), Chapter 475: The role of civil society institutions in improving housing in urban areas, International Encyclopaedia of Housing and Home, Elsevier
  • Mitlin, D. (2011)Pathfinder Paper for Equity and Gender in Sanitation, SHARE (Sanitation & Hygiene Applied Research for Equity), DFID Research Programme Consortium led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and including the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, the International Institute for Environment & Development, Shack/Slum Dwellers International, and WaterAid.
  • García Peralta, B. and Lombard, M. (2009) ‘Regulation and property speculation in the centre of Mexico City’, in L. Porter and K. Shaw (eds) Whose Urban Renaissance? An international comparison of urban regeneration strategies, Blackwell, Oxford, 43-49.
  • Mitlin, D. (2008) New directions in housing policy.  In Garland, A, Massoumi, M and Blair, R (eds). Global Urban Poverty: Setting the Agenda Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Comparative Urban Studies Project. (pp.151-180)
  • Mitlin, D. (2008) GATS and water services: the implications for low-income households in the South, Progress in Development Studies 8: 31-44.

Informal settlements and informal settlement upgrading

  • Mitlin, D. (2012), Chapter 238: Sites and services and aided self help: Housing policies in Developing countries, International Encyclopaedia of Housing and Home, Elsevier
  • Lombard, M. (forthcoming 2014) ‘Constructing ordinary places: Place-making in urban informal settlements in Mexico’, Progress in Planning.
  • Lombard, M. (2013) ‘Struggling, suffering, hoping, waiting: Perceptions of temporality in two informal neighbourhoods in Mexico’, Environment & Planning D: Society and Space, 31 (5), 813-829.
  • Lombard, M. (2013) ‘Using auto-photography to understand place: reflections from research in urban informal settlements in Mexico’, Area, 45 (1), 23-32.
  • Lombard, M. (2012) Haciendo de la ciudad un lugar: el caso de los asentamientos informales en México [Making a place in the city: The case of urban informal settlements in Mexico], INFONAVIT, Mexico.
  • Lombard, M. (2012) ‘Planeación Insurgente en Asentamientos Informales: Un estudio de caso en Cali, Colombia’, Cuadernos de Vivienda y Urbanismo, 5 (10), 246-260.
  • Lombard, M. and Huxley, M. (2011) ‘Self-made cities: ordinary informality?’ (contribution to Interface section on informality), Planning Theory and Practice, 12 (1), 120-125.

Responses to climate change

Climate change adaptation

  • Stein, A. and Moser, C. (2014) ‘Asset planning for climate change adaptation: lessons from Cartagena, Colombia’. Environment and Urbanization, 26 (1) (forthcoming).
  • Stein, A. (2014) ‘Natural disasters, climate change and environmental challenges in Central America’. In Sanchez-Ancochea, D. and Marti i Puig, S. (eds.) Handbook of Central American Governance, Routledge International Handbooks, Routledge, Abingdon and New York (pgs 59-74).
  • Dodman, D. and Mitlin, D. (2013) Challenges for community-based adaptation: discovering the potential for transformation, Journal of International Development 25; 640-659. DOI: 10.1002/jid.1772.
  • Moser, C. and Stein, A. (2013) ‘Measuring urban adaptation to climate change: experiences in Kenya and Nicaragua’. In Holland, J. (ed.) Who Counts? The Power of Participatory Statistics. Practical Action Publishing, Rugby (pgs 37-48).
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  • Moser, C. (2011) ‘A conceptual and operational framework for pro-poor asset adaptation to urban climate change’ in M. Lee et al, Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda, Washington DC, World Bank Publications.
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