Policy briefings

IGAU produced a series of policy briefings over three years, outlining key implications from their own and others’ recent research.

Briefing Paper 11: December 2019

Social Care Innovation: Learning from the Social Economy in Greater Manchester

Briefing Paper 10: November 2019

Inclusive Growth in Greater Manchester: 2020 and Beyond

Briefing Paper 9: April 2019

How could inclusive growth policies reduce poverty at a local level?

Briefing Paper 8: April 2018

Promoting inclusive growth through responsible business in Greater Manchester

Briefing Paper 7: February 2018

Addressing Ethnic Inequalities in the Greater Manchester Labour Market

Briefing Paper 6: August 2017

Inclusive Growth Indicators for Cities: considerations and options

Briefing Paper 5: June 2017

Education and Skills from Cradle to Career: a whole system approach

Briefing Paper 4: May 2017

Planning for inclusive growth

Briefing Paper 3: May 2017

Financing inclusive growth with a Greater Manchester community bank

Briefing Paper 2: April 2017

Good jobs in Greater Manchester: The role of employment charters

Briefing Paper 1: March 2017

Leading inclusive growth in Greater Manchester