Photography competition

The #cityfuturesmcr Instagram photography competition attracted over 270 entries, representing 76 cities in 38 different countries, across six continents.

The task

The competition asked:

"Are you inspired by a particular city? Has something fascinating caught your eye about a building, a street, or an urban community?

Have you taken a picture that says something about the identity of a city - perhaps the challenges it faces or the solutions it’s found? Or can you tell a story in a single image?"

Shortlisted entries

Person riding a bike down a runway
'To infinity... and beyond!' @cityflaneurs #Taichung
  1. Reuben Wu, Hong Kong
  2. Rasha Yousif, Manama
  3. Josh Labove, Toronto
  4. Jerry Wang, Taichung
  5. Josh Labove, Toronto
  6. Reuben Wu, Chicago
  7. Diana Alvarez, Kuala Lumpur
  8. Max Nathan, London
  9. Nat Marom, Johannesburg
  10. Elaine Reynolds, Manchester
  11. Nat Marom, Cape Town
  12. Alex Amato, Manchester
  13. Nigel Tangg, Singapore
  14. Richard Baxter, London
  15. Cody Kupper, Chicago
  16. Sonia Lam, Hong Kong
  17. Andy Speak, Hangzhou
  18. Jerry Wang, Taipei
  19. Alex Fenton, Leeds
  20. Jerry Wang, Taipei

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#cityfuturesmcr exhibition

The winning images were showcased at an exhibition at Twenty Twenty Two in Manchester's Northern Quarter, 20-27 May 2014. The exhibition was launched alongside the Urban Forum entitled "Manchester's Creative Economy - where to next?"

In 2018, the exhibition found a permanent home on the first floor of the Humanities Bridgeford Street Building.

Visit our blog to read a post about the themes of the urban forum by panelist David Gledhill: