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Our videos include recorded events, videos of researchers discussing their global urban research and research projects in Manchester.

Latest videos

A playlist of the latest videos from the Manchester Urban Institute (MUI).


    Manchester Urban Institute launch event videos

    MUI have hosted a series of lectures to celebrate the launch of the Institute.


      MUI staff talks

      View MUI staff talks from here in Manchester and other locations around the world.


        Devo Manc: Animated

        A series of short animations exploring devolution and its implications for Greater Manchester around such areas as health, governance, the creative economy and inequalities.

        The animations were produced by Toasted Productions.


          Animated urbanism series 2014

          Our Animated Urbanism competition offered University of Manchester researchers the opportunity to turn their findings into short animations produced by Toasted Productions.


            Manchester Policy Week 2014

            During the urban-themed day of Manchester Policy Week 2014 cities@manchester collaborated with the Global Development Institute and the School of Environment, Education and Development to produce the Picture a Poverty Free City series.

            These events brought together academics from a range of disciplines to talk about their vision of a poverty free city through the lens of their individual research areas. The short presentations were illustrated live by Manchester-based illustrator Nick Hamilton and captured on film, produced by Toasted Productions.