Eco-Urbanisation: Promoting sustainable development in metropolitan regions of China

Drawing on examples of international best practice, the research findings will produce a coherent framework for promoting sustainable urban development in China.

Photograph of Tianjin, China

In the context of China’s rapid urbanisation, with the construction of 30 million new housing units included as part of the New Urbanisation Plan, there is increasing emphasis on the importance of promoting human-centred, environmentally sustainable urban development. Eco-Urbanisation: Promoting Sustainable Development in Metropolitan Regions of China therefore seeks to extend current knowledge on the connections between urbanisation, resource use and the environment.

Focusing on the case study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region, the study aims to develop a robust conceptual framework to assess wellbeing in urban communities through a variety of indicators. Having undertaken a detailed assessment of resource consumption and the environmental impacts of urbanisation in the area, the research will explore a range of approaches to encourage more efficient forms of urbanisation.

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