PROMISE: Youth involvement and social engagement.

PROMISE is a collaborative research project exploring young people’s role in shaping society, focussing specifically on young people ‘in conflict’ with authority.

Young male applying spray paint to a wall, graffiti

The challenges faced by young people across Europe have been the focus of public, political and academic debates at local, national and international levels. Young people face tough choices in key areas of social life that affect their participation in society, and their potential marginalisation from it: from structural issues of unemployment, lack of access to affordable housing and debt problems, to information overload on 'big questions' like the environment, identity, faith and radicalisation, and negotiating the moral challenges of illegal markets and an increasingly sexualised social-media generation. While there are wide variations in opportunities and challenges between and within countries, young people today face tough choices in negotiating this moral maze.

The PROMISE project will investigate how young people’s, often negative, responses to these problems create conflict, and how, instead, their responses could provide opportunities for positive social engagement.  By addressing the experiences, values and attitudes of European youth seen to be 'in conflict' with older generations, authorities and social norms, PROMISE will get to the heart of barriers and opportunities for social engagement.

The three-year project began in May 2016 and involves 12 collaborating centres in 10 European countries. It is coordinated by a research team at The University of Manchester led by Dr Jo Deakin.  

This €2.5 million project is funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, Grant Agreement no. 693221. 

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