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Manchester Urban Institute


MUI authored and edited books in 2016 and 2017

Energy Poverty and Vulnerability: a Global Perspective

Credit(s): Simcock, Neil, Thomson, Harriet, Petrova, Saska and Bouzarovski, Stefan
Publisher: London: Routledge 
Info: This book offers a globally-integrated account of the underpinning drivers of energy poverty, featuring novel theoretical insights and empirical investigations from a range of locations around the world.

Retrofitting the City: Residential Flexibility, Resilience and the Built Environment

Credit(s): Bouzarovski, Stefan
Publisher: London: I B Tauris
Info: This book uses examples from a number of European cities to examine the retrofitting of existing buildings from more thermally efficient building materials.  It argues that supposedly inadaptable people and places show a strong, if often hidden, degree of flexibility in responding to economic change and building transformation.

Higher Education and the Creative Economy

Credit(s): Comunian, Roberta and Gilmore, Abigail (editors)
Publisher: London: Routledge
Info: This book critically engages with the complex interconnections between higher education, geography, cultural policy and the creative economy.  

Encountering the City: Urban Encounters from Accra to New York

Credit(s): Darling, Jonathan and Wilson, Helen (editors)
Publisher: London: Routledge
Info: This book provides a new and sustained engagement with the concept of encounter. Arguing for more nuanced understandings of the concept, it brings together a range of interests, from systems of economic regulation, security and suspicion, to more-than-human geographies, soundscapes and spiritual experiences.

Designing Public Policy for Co-Production: Theory, Practice and Change

Credit(s): Durose, Catherine and Richardson, Liz (editors)
Publisher: Bristol: Policy Press and Chicago: University of Chicago Press 
Info: This book contributes to a growing debate, arguing that traditional technocratic ways of designing policy are inadequate to cope with increasingly complex challenges. Drawing on twelve compelling international contributions from practitioners, policy makers, activists, and actively engaged academics, it uses ideas of power to explore how genuine democratic involvement in the policy process from outside the political elite can shape society for the better. 

The Practice Turn in Architecture: Brussels after 1968

Credit(s): Doucet, Isabelle
Publisher: London: Routledge
Info: This book contributes to the study of Brussels and offers a timely contribution to recent scholarship on the critical reappraisal of architectural debates from the 1960s through to the 1990s.

Handbook of Innovation Policy Impact

Credit(s): Edler, Jakob, Cunningham, Paul, Gök, Abdullah and Shapira, Phillip (editors)
Publisher: Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
Info: This book is the first comprehensive guide to understanding the logic and effects of innovation polices. It develops a conceptualisation and typology of innovation policies, presents meta-evaluations for 16 key innovation policy instruments and analyses evidence on policy-mix.  

The Experimental City

Credit(s): Evans, James, Karvonen, Andrew and Raven, Rob (editors)
Publisher: London: Routledge
Info: This book explores how the concept of urban experimentation is being used to reshape practices of knowledge production in urban debates about resilience, climate change governance, and socio-technical transitions.

London’s Olympic Legacy: The Inside Track

Credit(s): Evans, Gillian (2016)
Publisher: Basingstoke: Palgrave
Info: This book provides a unique perspective on the behind the scenes planning of London’s Olympic legacy, arguing that it will become the test-case city against which the legacies of all future Olympic Games, and other sporting mega-events, will be judged.

Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives

Credit(s): Jayne, Mark and Ward, Kevin (editors)
Publisher: London: Routledge
Info: This book outlines the development of urban theory over the past two hundred years and discusses significant theoretical, methodological and empirical challenges facing the field of urban studies in the context of an increasing globally inter-connected world.

Social Policy in a Cold Climate: Policies and their Consequences Since the Crisis

Credit(s): Lupton, Ruth, Burchardt, Tania, Hills, John, Stewart, Kitty and Vizard, Polly (editors)
Publisher: Bristol: Policy Press 
Info: This book offers a data-rich, evidence-based analysis of the impact Labour and coalition government policies have had on inequality and on the delivery of services such as adult social care, education, employment, health and housing in the wake of the greatest recession of our time.