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Manchester Urban Institute

Urban Governance and Politics

This focus on spatial development explores the governance challenges facing contemporary cities and their wider hinterland.

Manchester Town Hall and Library from above

This thematic area examines:

  • the relationship between spatial connectivities;
  • infrastructure provision and economic growth;
  • the paradox of concomitant economic development; and
  • changing forms of urban governance in the context of countries that are revisiting the geographical spread of economic, fiscal and political power.

The Northern Powerhouse

In the UK this is seen most clearly in the current devolution agenda, particularly around 'Devo Manc' and the construction of the Northern Powerhouse.

While transforming the interconnectivities among cities is a vital component for spatial rebalancing in both the UK and international contexts, the gravity and spatially diverse problems in many places remain an imperative for strategic thinking.

This theme will house the family of activities around Devo-Manc: