About us

The Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory provides a home for staff and students across The University of Manchester engaged with urban and regional policy research.

Established in 1983 by Professor Brian Robson, our specialist team has developed a reputation for:

  • policy-relevant research on the evaluation of area-based urban policy initiatives;
  • regional development;
  • spatial planning and housing;
  • and the measurement of neighbourhood dynamics.

The Spatial Policy and Analysis (SPA) Lab and Research Group brings together our expertise in integrating spatial thinking, methods and techniques into planning, policy and governance of cities and regions.

Our interdisciplinary, policy and application oriented research lays particular emphasis on discerning the inter-relationships between and across complex layers of spatial scales, administrative boundaries and governance structures. With this perspective, we provide understanding into and solutions for the grand challenges facing cities and regions.

Spatial Policy and Analysis Research Themes and Capabilities image