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Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory


Read about the latest events and activities in the Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory.

Annual Report published
3 October 2016
The SPAL Annual Report for 2015/16 is now online, highlighting our main achievements for the year.

Mapping project nominated for research award
17 August 2016
'Mapping policies and programmes: The use of GIS to communicate spatial relationships in England' is nominated for a top national planning research award.

CUPS to be renamed the Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory
5 December 2016
The Centre for Urban Policy Studies will become the Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory as part of the University's new Manchester Urban Institute.

Lyons Housing Commission publish updated report
25 February 2016
The Lyons Housing Commission have published an update to their 2014 report advising a future government on future house building.

Project starts promoting sustainable development in metropolitan regions of China
5 December 2016
Work has started on a three year research project on eco-urbanisation, aiming to produce a coherent framework for promoting sustainable urban development in China.