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SPA Lab Directors

Associate members

  • Dave Carter, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Professor Vincent Goodstadt, Honorary Professorial Knowledge Exchange Fellow
  • Professor Graham Haughton, Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning
  • Dr Richard Kirkham, Affiliate Member and Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
  • David Rudlin, Honorary Professorial Knowledge Exchange Fellow

PhD Students and Topics

Current PhD Students

  • Abdulrahman Abubaker Al Mottahar: Autonomous Vehicles: Assessment of its Supporting Ecosystem and The Process of Developing a Regulatory Framework
  • Ana Kashfi Muhamad: The Interplay of Architecture in the Complex Urban Fabric of Town Centres
  • Augustine Asuah: Understanding the Relationship between Spatial Structure and Inequality of Access in Sub-Saharan African Cities: A Case Study of Accra and Greater Kumasi City-Regions in Ghana
  • Christopher Marsland: Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)— Analysing activity-travel behaviour and its application to on-demand multi-modal mobility solutions in cities
  • Dong Xinyue: Addressing the ageing issue in China with the strategic planning of urban community
  • Fatimah Alturfi: Towards Smart and Sustainable Urban Futures: Developing a Framework to Assess the Urban Sustainability Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles and Associated Mobility Services
  • Patrick Moat: How can the planning and implementation processes in the redevelopment of mid-20th century social housing projects be made more egalitarian, sustainable, and affordable in modern entrepreneurial UK cities?
  • Ren Yitian: E-commerce, rural entrepreneurship and in situ urbanization in rural China
  • Ruotong Tang: Sustainable Development in Ethnic Villages of Southwest China: A bottom-up perspective
  • Thomas Harris: Constructing a Model for Smart City Strategy Building in Latin American Cities
  • Xinye Xiao: A Research on Green Gentrification in China Caused by Urban Regeneration
  • Yueh-Sung Weng: Incremental housing upgrading strategy as an alternative – A community-led regeneration approach in Taiwanese cities
  • Yuyuan Chen: Transition to Mobility-as-a-Service: an international comparative study of integration mechanisms and implementation strategies

Recently Completed PhDs

  • Aya Badawi: Simulating the Behaviours of Urban Negotiators Using Agent-based Modelling
  • Eman Abouziyan: Mapping the spatial and socio-technical dynamics of urban metabolism for sustainable urban development in Egypt