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Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory

Our people

Find out more about the people who make up the Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory.


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Associate members

  • Professor Graham Haughton, Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning
  • Professor Vincent Goodstadt, Honorary Professorial Knowledge Exchange Fellow
  • Neil McInroy, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Hui Quian, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Kai Zhou, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dave Carter, Honorary Research Fellow
  • David Rudlin, Honorary Professorial Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Research staff

  • Dr Yinxuan Huang, Research Associate
  • Dr Miao Qiao, Research Associate
  • Vasileios Vlastaras, Research Assistant
  • Dr Lei Wang, Hallsworth China Political-Economy Fellow
  • Dr Wei Zheng, Research Associate

Eighteen postgraduate research students are currently members of SPAL and they contribute to its work and take part in its seminars and team meetings.