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Other research projects

Advancing Urban Innovation: Living Labs for Sustainable Building and Planning

Funding: Formas. £126,566 total.

Duration: 2014-2017.

Cure researchers involved: James Evans (PI).

This project funds a visiting position at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics to conduct collaborative work on urban living labs in Europe.

Beyond MALPE – integrated visioning

Funding: Academy of Science Finland, €95,679.

Duration: 2016-2019.

CURE researchers involved: Joe Ravetz (PI).

Carbon Landscape

Funding: Heritage Lottery Fund. £3.1 million.

Duration: 2017-2021.

CURE researchers involved: Joanne Tippett

Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructure

Funding: Horizon 2020 - €7.5 million total.

Duration: May 2015-November 2018.

CURE researchers involved: Jeremy Carter (PI). 

Working within an innovative cross-European consortium of 17 partners from eight European countries, researchers at The University of Manchester are supporting the development of approaches to enhance the resilience of Europe's cities and urban critical infrastructure to extreme weather and climate change. 

The RESIN project will develop tools and methodologies that not only support well-informed urban planning and decision making, but also encourage the market deployment of innovative climate adaptation and resilience approaches.

Common Assessment for Sustainability Innovation (CASI)

Funding: European Commission, DG Research, FP7. £48k net to The University of Manchester.

Duration: 2014-2017.

CURE researchers involved: Joe Ravetz (Partner to Alliance MBS lead).

Domestic nexus: unpacking the interconnectivity of energy and water demand

Funding: University of Manchester Faculty of Humanities Strategic Investment Research Fund, £14,107.

CURE researchers involved: Saska Petrova (PI).

European Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV)

Funding: European Commission, €276,000 to The University of Manchester (€813,761 total).

Duration: December 2016-April 2020.

CURE researchers involved: Harriet Thomson (Project Manager), Stefan Bouzarovski (Chair of the Steering Committee).

The project aims to engender transformational change in knowledge about the extent of energy poverty in Europe, and measures to combat it, through improving the transparency of information and policy. It also provides a user-friendly, open-access resource that promotes public engagement as well as informed decision making by local, national and EU-level decision makers.

The project is implemented by a consortium of 13 organisations, including universities, advocacy groups, think tanks, and the business sector. The University of Manchester leads the consortium.

Energy Vulnerability and Urban Transitions in Europe (EVALUATE)

Funding: European Research Council.

Duration: 2013-2018.

CURE researchers involved: Stefan Bouzarovski (PI), Saska Petrova (Co-I), Neil Simcock (Senior RA), Harriet Thomson (Senior RA).

Fire and Flood: toward resilient cities

Funding: Manchester-Melbourne Collaboration, £10,000.

Duration: 2017-2018.

CURE researchers involved: Joe Ravetz (PI).

Learning Loops in the Public Environment (LOOPER)

Funding: JPI-Urban Europe ENSUF ~£1m.

Duration: March 2017-2020.

CURE researchers involvedJames Evans (PI), Joe Ravetz (CoI).

Projects such as traffic congestion, safety and pollution are difficult to tackle as the mitigation involves multiple urban stakeholders.

The aim of LOOPER is to build a participatory co-creation methodology and platform to demonstrate ‘learning loops’ (i.e. new ways of decision-making that bring together citizens, stakeholders and policy-makers to iteratively learn how to address such urban challenges). 

With some investment from SEED Social Responsibility, Professor James Evans and Dr. Joe Ravetz are working in partnership with communities in Ardwick, one of the University’s anchor institutions

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Metropolitan INnovation and Intelligence Lab (MINI-LAB)

Funding: ESRC Impact Acceleration, £18,391.

Duration: 2016-2018.

CURE researchers involved:  Joe Ravetz (PI)

Practices on the move: Investigating trajectories of water and energy consumption in China

Funding: ESRC CASE and Unilever PhD Studentship, £50k.

CURE researchers involved: Saska Petrova (Co-Supervisor).

Transport and Mobilities: Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Population in Developing Cities

Funding: GCRF Network, £125,000.

Duration: 2017.

CURE researchers involved: James Evans (Co-I).

Urban Infrastructural Innovation and Learning

Funding: JDS Conference Fund Award, £2,275 total.

CURE researchers involved: Saska Petrova (Co-organiser).

Urban Transformation in South Africa Through Co-Designing Energy Services Provision Pathways (SA-URBATRANS)

Funding: ESRC, £80k.

Duration: 2016-2019.

CURE researchers involved: Saska Petrova (Co-I). Stefan Bouzarovski (Co-I). 

Well Cities: implementing a wellbeing valuation toolkit for urban learning

Funding: ESRC Impact Accelerator Account, £9,000.

Duration: February-July 2017.

CURE researchers involved: James Evans (PI), Kelly Watson (RA).

When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday: Exploring Climate Change Through Song

Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council – Connected Communities Festival, 2016.

CURE researchers involved: Angela Connelly (Co-I).