Postgraduate research (PGR) network

The Manchester Urban Institute (MUI) PGR network aims to support all University of Manchester PGR students with an interest in researching urban environments.

The PGR network committee is working to design and facilitate a programme of events and activities scheduled across the year.

How to join

To join the network, subscribe to our mailing list.

Any member can post to the list and you can choose to receive emails as they are sent, or as a 'digest' which will send the emails to you in batches (a good idea if you want to be involved in the network but without too many messages).

Subscribing to the list tells us that you agree to our privacy policy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Committee members

  • Xin Li (Co-chair)
  • Rati Sundeep Choudhari (Co-chair)
  • Pippa Winship

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