Devo Manc hub

Exploring Greater Manchester’s devolution future.

Significant changes are taking place under the heading of Devo Manc. These changes will potentially bring far reaching consequences for those living in Greater Manchester.

What is Devo Manc?

Beetham Tower, Manchester

Devo Manc covers several different sets of arrangements and policy areas:

  • A directly elected Mayor for greater Manchester
  • A Greater Manchester Combined Authority with enhanced powers
  • The creation of Greater Manchester Strategic Health and Social Care Partnership Board (GMHSPB), the Greater Manchester Joint Commissioning Board (GMJCB) and the Greater Manchester Federation Board (GMFB)
  • Restructuring associated with the Northern Powerhouse

Areas not part of the formal devolution of powers and responsibilities, such as cultural, education and immigration are being rethought in this context.

This Hub will enhance the ability for those involved to share and exchange ideas, issues and evidence.

It will allow the communication and development of research agendas and it will facilitate an effective presentation of these ideas and policy and research agendas beyond Greater Manchester.

John Holden / Assistant Director, Strategy and Research, Greater Manchester Combined Authority