Please see below for a full list of reports produced by IGAU. Further documents available to accompany specific reports are indicated where applicable.

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Inclusive Growth in Greater Manchester 2020 and Beyond: Taking Stock and Looking Forward (Ruth Lupton, Ceri Hughes, Alex Macdougall, Hannah Goldwyn-Simpkins and Annika Hjelmskog, November 2019). IGAU's Final Report, looking at the Unit's four years of work on inclusive growth in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Building on Economic Complexity: An Outline Framework to Guide Thinking on Addressing Spatial Inequalities in Greater Manchester (Justin Bentham and Alex Macdougall, December 2019)

Promoting good work in Greater Manchester: Taking sectoral differences into account in the development of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter (Andrea Westall, November 2019):

IGAU response to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework consultation, and accompanying documents:

IGAU responses to Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy and Independent Prosperity Review:

Report on Post-16 Transitions in Secondary Education (Sanne Velthuis, Ruth Lupton, Stephanie Thomson & Lorna Unwin, March 2019): 

IGAU Response to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority 'Good Employment' Charter Consultation, (Ceri Hughes and Andrea Westall, November 2018)

IGAU Education in London and Greater Manchester (Alex Macdougall and Ruth Lupton, June 2018)

IGAU Responsible Business Reports (Anthony Rafferty and Robyn Jelley, April 2018)

IGAU Response to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority 'GM Employer Charter' Consultation, (Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton, March 2018)

The Construction Challenge in Greater Manchester: Employment, Skills and Training, working paper (Ruth Lupton, Trudi Martin & Lorna Unwin, February 2018)

Understanding changes in Greater Manchester’s ‘deprived’ neighbourhoods 2004 to 2015 using a typology of residential mobility, working paper (Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton, January 2018)

Education and Skills in the Era of Devolution: The challenge for Greater Manchester (Ruth Lupton, June 2017)

Inclusive Growth (IG) Monitor 2017: Local Enterprise Partnerships (Anthony Rafferty, Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton, May 2017).

Patterns of poverty in Greater Manchester neighbourhoods: Analysis of small area poverty estimates (Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton, May 2017)

Towards Inclusive Growth in Greater Manchester: Summary Report (Ruth Lupton, Anthony Rafferty and Ceri Hughes, October 2016)

Achieving Inclusive Growth in Greater Manchester: What can be done? Consultation Report (Ruth Lupton and Ceri Hughes, October 2016)

Residential and labour market connections of deprived neighbourhoods in GM & Leeds City Region (Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton, August 2016)

Inclusive Growth: Opportunities and Challenges for Greater Manchester (Ruth Lupton, Anthony Rafferty and Ceri Hughes, August 2016)

Inclusive Growth Monitor: City region comparisons and a focus on Greater Manchester (Anthony Rafferty and Seyedehsomayeh Taheri Moosavi, June 2016)