Cities, Politics, Economies Research Group

The Cities, Politics, Economies Research Group is orientated by a shared concern to develop innovative ways of theorising and understanding contemporary political and economic challenges.

About us

Elevated motorway under construction

From analysing the construction and performance of urban identities and economies, to the nature and mobility of policy and politics, the group develops original understandings of how cities, economies and political practices are assembled, mobilised, mediated and governed, from the experiences of everyday life to iconic buildings and extraordinary spaces.

The group provides a forum that brings together existing research on urban, political and economic geography to create innovative and productive research synergies.

Our research addresses the following primary themes and issues:

  • The changing nature of urban life, urban politics, and urban policy.
  • Political economy at varying spatial scales, including labour relations, Global Production Networks, and resource geographies.
  • Geographies of migration and mobility, including mobilities of policy, people, and finance. 
  • The politics of sovereignty, devolution, and urban and regional governance.
  • Geographies of social justice, equality, and rights.

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