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Manchester Urban Institute

Manchester Architecture Research Group (MARG)

MARG's mission is to open up new areas of architectural research, create new standards of architectural pedagogy, and facilitate new ways of engaging in public debate.

MARG has gained an international reputation as a leading centre of architectural scholarship, and has created through the years a vibrant research environment with its series of visiting speakers, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, and debates.

Our research

Colourful, modern architecture.

Our research projects share an emphasis on the practices of design professionals and users, the processes of city-making, network dynamics, design innovations, and urban borderlands.

Drawing on a practice-oriented research philosophy, the work developed at MARG is unique in both the UK and the world. It has resulted in leading and award-winning publications.

MARG reworks the disciplinary boundaries of architecture and the social sciences. Our main areas of expertise are:

  1. Social studies of Architecture and urban infrastructures
  2. Mobility of architectural expertise: Transfers and networks

Our expertise

Making connections between disciplines and practices, MARG has developed a distinctive expertise based on:

  • theoretical experimentation;
  • methodological rigor;
  • empirical attention;
  • hands-on studies of architectural practice;
  • building technology; and
  • techniques of architectural representation and mapping.