Green and Resilient Urban Futures

Interacting environmental, economic and social pressures present major challenges to health and wellbeing and quality of life in our increasingly urbanised world.

Our towns and cities need to become more resilient to a range of stresses and vulnerabilities and we need to improve how we analyse, plan for, respond to and recover from extreme events and longer term stresses in urban settings. 

Aerial view of roof gardens and solar panels on the top of buildings.

Over the past two decades, University of Manchester researchers have provided important insights into urban environmental characteristics, and our research has improved understanding of fundamental urban physical geography and how this can be applied to plan for and develop green and resilient urban futures.

It is essential that we collaborate with multiple sectors and engage with communities in our efforts to meet these challenges. We must also engage with policy makers, practitioners and developers to support the creation of usable research outputs that can support urban resilience initiatives. The University has a strong record in this area and will continue to deliver outputs that have an impact both within and beyond the academic sector.

The Green and Resilient Urban Futures theme is led by Jeremy Carter.