People and Energy

Effective and sustainable energy policies require a deep understanding of people’s everyday lives, social relations and future aspirations.

Urban energy researchers have an opportunity to give centre stage to human needs, social inequalities and progressive politics through integrated and innovative social science-based insights into current and future urban energy transformations.

Urban landscape

Current societal challenges surrounding energy – involving issues of climate change, decarbonization, sustainability, security, and equity – are deeply implicated in the functioning of cities. At the same time, future urban development is predicated on networks of energy supply and demand.

Our findings are based on detailed evidence from multiple sites and modes of governance, ranging from small-scale communities and neighbourhoods to transnational organisations. Even if our work is strongly embedded in the local, national and global policy contexts, the theme seeks to highlight alternative understandings and interpretations of energy policy – giving voice to places and people who are seldom heard in mainstream decision-making circles.

Our ability to tackle energy challenges in a multi-disciplinary manner has been aided by our extensive network of stakeholders and the diverse composition of our group, which includes researchers from more than 10 different disciplines.

The People and Energy theme is led by Stefan Bouzarovski and extends the decade-old legacy of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy (CURE). More information.