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Manchester Urban Institute

Our visitors

Over the years the various centres and groups that have come together to form the Manchester Urban Institute have hosted visiting graduate students, post-docs and professors from across a range of disciplines.

Some of these academic visitors have been with us for only a week or two, while others have stayed with us for a few years!  Whether a shorter or longer visit, these colleagues have been important in creating the support intellectual environment that has characterized urban studies at the University.

In recent years, the centres and groups uniting to become the Manchester Urban Institute have hosted the following: 

  • David Imbroscio (University of Louisville)
  • Loretta Lees (University of Leicester)
  • Pauline Lipman, (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Bin Lu (Peking University)
  • Simon Marvin (University of Sheffield)
  • Ruth Massey (University of the Free State)
  • Eugene McCann (Simon Fraser University)
  • Colin McFarlane (Durham University)
  • Steven A. Moore (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Takashi Nagazawi (Meiji University)
  • Michael Neuman (University of Westminster)
  • Jorg Ploger (ILS, Dortmund)
  • Harald Rohracher (Linköping University)
  • Jennifer Robinson  (University College London)
  • Nik Theodore (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Fran Tonkiss (LSE)
  • Kaiyong Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Pengjun Zhao (Peking University)

During 2017 we have an exciting collection of visitors who will be spending time in Manchester, giving talks, speaking to graduate students and talking us through their future research programmes: 

  • Xiangzheng Deng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Roger Keil (York University, Toronto)
  • Bruno Latour (Sciences Po, Paris)
  • Ute Lehrer (York University, Toronto)
  • Zhigang Li (Wuhan University, China)
  • Tim Moss (Humboldt University of Berlin)
  • Stephanie Pincetl (UCLA) 
  • AbdouMaliq Simone (Max Planck Institute, Berlin)

While there are various schemes to support those intending to visit the Manchester Urban Institute, we are fortunate that our University has a scheme to support senior colleagues, and this has made possible a number of visits over the years.